Mujer (Woman) - finejrphotography

This art photography and design series is about the women and their continue struggle for a better position in society. In our advance Western world women achieved much more that their counterparts in sub-developed countries. However, in our United States women continue to struggle for equality of pay and other issues. In this series of landscape photographs, she is captured entering or living the scene; it appear as secondary subject in the image. She is always secondary, she is treated as secondary; she place her self secondary to everyone to include kids, husband, family, etc. However, here in a series of photographs and design, I placed her as the primary subject; I placed her in the top of my work. Why? Because she could be my mother, my sister or my daughter, and they are before me. Without her it would not be me. So I want to bring her to the top, to the highest elevation, where she should sit and be serve for at least a day or a minute of your time.

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